Euphoria Music & Camping Festival

May 2018 | Carson Creek Ranch, Austin — TX

Euphoria music festival is returning for the 7th year on May 11-12, 2018 to downtown venues in Austin, TX. #FindYourEuphoria

Euphoria Tentsile + Trillium


Euphoria Tentsile + Trillium


Take festival camping to the next level with your very own Euphoria- elements branded Tentsile. Comes with the Stingray Tentsile, Elements Rain Fly, and Trillium Hammock Level for ultimate chilling at your campsite. 

This unique and comfortable outdoor shelter is not only fun and immensely comfortable, but also elevates you above inhospitable ground conditions, insects, snakes and other creepies.

The Stingray interior consists of three spacious separated hammock berths, with a rip-resistant no-see-um mesh top over head. It is accessed via a floor hatch in the centre and a large front door. It can be suspended between three trees or other strong anchors points such as trucks or boulders.

The Stingray Tree Tent can also become a multi-story camping base for six by setting up a Trillium underneath the tent.


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